Friday, June 29, 2012

Tips for other Guilder's Paste addicts

By now, those of you that read my blog know just how much I love using the Guilder's paste!
About the only thing i didn't like about them was having to open up the tin every time i want to see a colour.
Of course i have an idea of what each colour looks like (after reading the name on the tin), but i usually need to SEE the colour next to the project i'm working on before i can decide which colour i need.

That used to involve opening up several of the tins first but not anymore!

I had some small stickers laying around (probs from a dollar store), so i decided that i would rub each of the GP colours onto a sticker and then apply them to the top of tin.

Now when i'm choosing my colours, all i have to do is glance inside the drawer beside me and pick up the appropriate tins.
No more opening and closing!
You can get Guilder's Paste here.

                                                   This is a great waterless hand cleaner. I keep it next to me so that when all of my fingertips are covered with GP i can just squirt a bit onto the ends of my fingers and wipe it off with a cloth. It saves having to jump up and wash my hands several times during a working session. (besides, soap and water doesn't really remove the GP anyway).
It has a nice citrus smell to it and even though it says it contains natural ingredients  (i'm sure it also contains some not so healthy ones as well) it is a bit rough on your hands after a while so use it sparingly (it contains pumice).
 This stuff is also great when working with dirty old steel wire.  It takes the carbon right off my hands so that i don't make everything else that i touch black. (I think this big jug came from a Canadian Tire store.)


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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dragon's eye, Petals and Triad. They're here!

As promised, I have created some samples for you to see with the All-In-One CaBezel molds. 

All 3 of these new designs are available today at Shades of Clay. 

                              Dragon's Eye   

This shape has many possibilities as it can be used both horizontally and vertically. Think polished and elegant or magical, mythological and scaly. (Pair with "Entwined" texture stamp as both can have a scales and serpents theme). 

This cabochon is 2⅜" long and 1" wide. It sits inside a square customizable bezel. Outer dimensions of the square are 2½"x2½". 

The cabochon was made from white clay.  Once baked, I added some yellow Pinata ink. when it dried i applied liquid and re-baked it.  I usually use Kato liquid clay so as soon as it comes out of the oven i hit it with my heat gun until it is crystal clear.
The bezel was just scrap clay that i covered in Guilder's paste.  This time i mixed 2 colors together: Patina and Iris Blue.. I made the steel links and components myself.


This equilateral triangle has rounded corners to soften the look and make it more elegant. 

The height of the cabochon is 1½". It sits inside a square customizable bezel. Outer dimensions of the square are 2½"x2½"
I did a transfer on white clay for the cabochon.
For the bezel i kept it the full size. I used my "Entwined" texture stamp.


Who doesn't love flowers enough to have them around all year long? 
This cabochon measures 2" across at its widest point and sits inside a square customizable bezel that is 2½x2½"

I haven't had a chance to play with these too much so far but watch for some more ideas from me on how to use them!  OR even better, send me some pics of how YOU use them .  I'd love to put them on the blog.

Click here to see these and my other designs too.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My first tutorial is up on Etsy!

With so much to do and create around here I have totally ignored my Etsy shop. ( Ok, so it's been years since i've done anything with Etsy and even then i only listed a few items and i let them expire!)
 I hope to change all of that.  I got my mojo back and I'm raring to go!

I've just listed my first tutorial for sale and if all goes well, I may even start to list some of the jewelry I make as samples for the CaBezels.  A girl can only wear so much jewelry herself you know!

This Tutorial is called "Windows to my Soul" 
It uses scrap clay (of course!) combined with Viva Decor Inka Gold paints, Pinata inks and the Blocks and Dots CaBezel mold.

Take a peek!

I have 2 more tutorials started, they are actually quite time consuming to create (ask my sister, she's the one that put it all together for me .  Thanks Sue!).  Hopefully I'll get them done sooner rather than later.
If you have any questions regarding the Tutorial feel free to email me here.

Coming soon!

Here are the next 3 shapes in the All-In-One CaBezel mold series. These ones will be available soon!

  • Petals
  • Triad
  • Dragon's eye

I have been working on a few samples to show you.  It's odd....I designed these molds so that there would be  lots of clay around the cabochon to turn into an over-sized bezel (frame), but I'm having soooo much fun playing with the big cabochon area that I sometimes even ignore the entire bezel!!!!
Don't worry though, I'll come up with some ideas to show you using the bezel too.

Friday, June 22, 2012

How hot is it????

It's been so hot here the past few days!  (more than 34') that even my candles couldn't handle being under the gazebo! Thank goodness it's not quite so hot today but I don't think my candles will make a recovery!

Another beauty

This bead was made by  Barbara Colautti,  one of our Southern Ontario Polymer Clay Guild members .
She pays so much attention to detail when she works and the finish on all of her beads is impeccable!
(She's very fortunate to have a husband that does all of her sanding and polishing for her! ) I wish that you could feel how smooth this bead is.  She sells her work at various shows in Ontario.  A few of us are in the process of trying to convince her to open up an on-line store so that more people can see her work .  (hint, hint Barbara)

Barbara used the Circle All-In-One CaBezel mold along with her faux ivory technique to create the lentil bead.
For the centre she used the Feather Boa  texture sheet.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Polymer clay meets home decor!

A few weeks ago I decided to make some changes to our bedroom.  I started by painting the walls a soft warm grey. Then i purchased some new floral bedding, made some Roman blinds and then i needed some new throw cushions.  I love making pillows because the options are endless and this time i decided i needed to add some big buttons.  Nothing in my button stash was big enough so i decided to play around with the All-In-One CaBezel molds.
These are my first attempts!  After using the mold on white clay i decided that for both of the shapes i wouldn't keep any of the bezel (or frame) i just just cut around the outside of the cabochon.  After I baked them, i applied some Guilder's Paste to the surface (i used the one called "patina") When that had dried i sprayed them with a coat of Preserve Your Memories II (PYM II), waited a while and sewed them on!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Some shining examples

I was surfing around this morning and I found these.  More beautiful work by Carolyn Good!  I love to see what others do with the CaBezel molds.
Send me some photos of what you've created with any of my molds or texture sheets and I may put them on my blog!

 All of the large focals were made using the "3 Fab Focals 2" mold and the side pieces below were made using the "Lemon-Egg" mold.
I'll be releasing 3 more shapes for the All-In-One line VERY soon!!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another "How to" video

I've just finished making another video to give you some ideas for using the Heart shaped All-In-One CaBezel mold!
I hope that I've improved since the last video.  Please feel free to give me some feedback.  Let me know if there is anything i can do to improve .  Is the video too detailed?  Too long?  Have i missed anything?
Perhaps you've seen something that I've created on my blog and you'd like to see how i made it??
 Let me know!! Email me here.

You can watch the video here and you'll also find it on my YouTube channel with the rest of my older slideshows and videos.