Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Only How Many More Sleeps????

You've got to be kidding me!
We just finished Halloween......didn't we?.
My sister is already counting down the days until Christmas arrives.  Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to it too. Getting the family together around the table, sharing good food and perhaps some good wine as well. (OK, I'll be honest here, there is no perhaps when we're talking wine.  It's a definite)
I always remember my dad saying  "When you get older, time will just fly by."
At that time, I was probably 21 and I wanted to wish away the week days so that the week ends could arrive more quickly. Now that I'm older, I'm thinking it's time we added another day to the week so I can  have more time to get things done!
It's already November (how on earth did that happen?) and it's inevitable.  We need to start thinking about what gifts we will get for the people we care about. We also need to think about what we'll say when we're asked by out families, "What do you want for Christmas?"
This year, I've started a list....yep, I'm ready for the question and so my list is going up on the fridge tomorrow!

There isn't anything extravagant on my list, just small and simple things. A nice smelling soy candle....a new pair of slippers.  If I could ask for some "Me time", time for me to create and play with my clay, and my inks and my......I'm smiling just thinking about it.  I suppose that's a gift I'll have to ask myself for and I think I will!  Being creative is definitely good for the soul.  I truly believe that.

I almost forgot why I even started this post tonight!  It of course has to do with gift giving and receiving and also something good for the soul. I had a customer ask me on Facebook what a few other customers have asked me recently too (even had a husband or 2 asking me):)
"Do you sell gift certificates for Shades of Clay?"  Sadly, we don't. I'm sure I will set it up on the site in the future but for now I've been directing everyone here.  To the Polymer Clay Adventure.
If you haven't heard about it yet you'll want to.  It's a year long virtual retreat starting in January. There are 22 teachers sharing their techniques and I am one of them!  I'm honered to have been asked to participate. It's the first of it's kind and it promises to be exceptional.  Enough of my ranting.  Click here for more information if you are interested in either the giving or the receiving of something like this.
If you just want to slip the link into a email to your spouse, hint, hint dear.  You can send them this link in your wishlist. Just copy and paste it and make it easy for them!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Alcohol Inks

For all of you Alcohol Ink enthusiasts out there

You have asked, and we have listened. We have just listed 21 more single colours in the Adirondack line and we also have the White Opaque markers by Ranger available as well. We will soon be carrying all of the remaining colours in the Adirondack line. If there is something else you think we should be carrying please let us know. (BTW we still can't seem to find a supplier for the Yupo) Alcohol_Inks

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Polymer Clay Tutor demos the CaBezel Molds!

Just in case you missed it:

Cindy Lietz, "The Polymer Clay Tutor", created a video de-mystifying how to use the CaBezels molds. 

A big "Thank you" to Cindy Lietz,The Polymer Clay Tutor for creating a "How to" video using the Cabezels. She did a great job. It was refreshing for me to see someone else explaining just how easy they are to use. She has introduced my CaBezels to so many new people. The CaBezels have flown around the world to many places and that makes me so proud.  
Today alone they were sent to, Belgium, France, Australia and Israel and also to 9 different states and 4 different Provinces!  I think that's a record.
The CaBezels are an extremely light product to ship and many people are surprised at just how affordable shipping costs are. 
If a package weighs .249 grams or less it ships to the US for $8.25. To the UK, France, Australia, New Zealand and several other places for about $10.95. I know many of you aren't sure what you can get that weighs under .249 grams but so many products are light. As an example, 4-5 textures, some cording and a few jewelry findings usually stay under .249 grams.  
The CaBezels weigh even less than texture stamps. We're always willing to weigh your package and let you know if you are within the limits. 
Cindy demos many products, creates videos and shares lots of great tips.
You can find the video here and sign up for her newsletter while you are there.