About The All-In-One CaBezel molds (series 2)

 The new All-In-One CaBezel molds 

                                                    Circle                Heart          Rounded Square

                                                     Triad                 Petals          Dragon's Eye

                                                    Sheild                 Ellipse                Cone

                                                                     The All-In-One's
  • Another great tool to add to your arsenal! 
  • They are still made from the translucent photopolymer that allows you to see through to your clay for perfect design placement. It’s a definite advantage over rubber.
  •  The concept is similar, but they are a bit different too! For those of you that are familiar with the original CaBezels, you’ll know that one side of the mold is for forming the Cabochon and right next to that is what is used to form the matching Bezel.

With the new All-In-Ones, the cabochon mold is centered inside the bezel mold! This allows for both to be created at the exact same time. Of course that also means that both LOOK exactly alike but it is so easy to change either the cab or the bezel. I like to add some ink and a thin layer of liquid clay on top of the cab that is already there.    These molds are great for photo transfers too. You no longer have to try to shape a transfer to a curve!
  • Another thing that sets them apart from the originals is the large bezel.  These were designed this way for those of you that like to create things large, and also so that you could cut the bezel to whatever shape you want.  Leave it large and square if you’re into making tiles (mosaic), book covers, belt buckles, purse closures or large pendants. OR cut them down to the a size that suits. You can add texture to them too.

I used a fine spritz of water as a release when needed.(always blot the water away from the claywith a paper towel)
Clean up can be made with mild detergent and water .  But remember, no products containing ammonia please.    Dry off and store out of the light and away from heat. 

Examples using Dragon's Eye

Examples using Heart

An example using Triad

A lentil bead using Circle
Two examples using the Petals mold