Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This is my daughter's cat Leah. (Of course it's never my daughter that gets up at 6:30am to feed her!)
She is the best cat ever though!!!!
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thank-you from the bottom of my heart!! (pun intended of course!)

You guys have been awesome! Your responses and comments started rolling in just minutes after I posted and they kept on coming!
I'm so grateful for all of your help that I am going to draw 2 winning names instead of just one!
I wish I could reply to all of you individually! Please accept my thanks and gratitude.
Are you ready for the winning "heart" ?
It was chosen by a landslide of 59 votes!!

Drum roll please..............................
The winner is # 10
#4 came in 2nd with 22 votes
#6 and#7 tied for third with 18 votes each

I mentioned that this vote was for a new series of CaBezels.  Sort of an all-in-one type of mold.You'll even get to decide how thick and what shape the bezel will be.  These will be very customizable!!! They are going to be great for transfers too!!
Now for the really important stuff!!  The winners of the raffle!
I photocopied everyone's name, cut it out and placed them in a hat (OK, it wasn't a hat. It was a really pretty wooden box) and then i drew 2 names.  These ladies will each receive the new  Heart mold as soon as they   are available!!!
Another drum roll please.........
The winners are:   Gillian Wiseman and Kam Kirsch 
Congratulations ladies!!  Please contact me with your snailmail information!
I'm hoping that these will be available very soon!

Thanks again to all who participated!    
Through this process, I have discovered just much you love your "hearts" so I have decided that i will also create  the original type CaBezel mold. It will have a few  different shaped hearts with a few different sizes all in one mold!!!! (I'll see how many I can squeeze in!)

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Do you want to be a WINNER!!!!!

Of course you do darlings ,everyone wants to be a winner, and in this case it couldn't be easier!

I'd like to ask for YOUR input!
I have been working on a new concept for the CaBezels.  I hope to introduce them soon, but first, I'd like to get your input on one of the shapes.  So many people love hearts and  of course I've have had a few requests for them. So this time I'm going to introduce one!!  The trouble is, that there are sooo may different styles to choose from.  Elongated, voluminous, stylized and on and on (you get the picture). 
Soooooo, here is where YOU come in!!!
 I have drawn several different styles but I just can't decide. So i thought that i would ask you for some help.  I want to get moving on this so i'd like your opinion by Monday evening at 10:00pm. Heck, you can even send me a scan of the heart shape that your little heart desires if you want to.  These new CaBezel molds will be larger than any that I've done in the past.(note the dines that I've included next to the hearts)  Of course I'm thinking "jewelry" but mini book covers, belt buckles, or tiles would work well too.
As my way of saying "Thank-you" when you give me your input, I will put your name in a draw and the winner will get a "Heart shaped CaBezel mold!!!!

Just choose your 2 favourites and send  the corresponding #'s to me in an email.  Please put "Hearts" in the subject line. 

There will be 5 new shapes in all.  If you have any shapes that you've been dreaming about, send me an email and I'll see about adding it too!

Thanks in advance for all your input.  You gals are the best!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Pill Box Ginkgo Leaf Collage
I just love seeing how one texture stamp can be translated so many different ways just by changing the colour scheme.  I tend to have difficulty moving away from the greens and blues so when I saw how Carolyn, from Queens, New York used the Gingko Collage texture stamp I  wanted to post the pic.  Some of Carolyn's other work  can be found here on Etsy.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Just Steampunk!!!

For those of us that just can't seem to get enough Steampunk.  Scott Publications has a special publication on the stands now. It covers everything from dolls to decor to jewelry and more!  Over 100 pages of inspiring ideas! 
Some of my designs are on pages 24 and 25 so if you are looking for ideas on how you can use your new "Straight and Narrow" texture stamp ofryour "Blocks 'n Dots" CaBezel mold you'll find some ideas there.

Here's how Steampunk is described by Scott publications:

"Steampunk is the future as dreamt by the past." Think bits of broken jewelry, corroded clock gears and vintage anything. But don’t forget the fantasy, the whimsy or most definitely the metallic. And Just Steampunk! features this unique style in all its glory, highlighting works of art in all types of media: paper arts, polymer clay, dolls, jewelry, accessories and more. Including over 300 full color photographs showcasing projects from a variety of talented designers, Just Steampunk is sure to satisfy the demand of die hard fans, or whet the appetite of the newly curious. Warning: Steampunk art may become addictive!"

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lizard CaBezel collar necklace. Gorgeous!!!!!

Look at what else Carolyn of 2 Good Claymates has been up to.  This necklace is gorgeous! I think Carolyn is managing to play around with the CaBezels molds more than I  have. If you go to Carolyn's blog you'll see links to her artfire and Etsy sites.  I really wish I could use my time as profoundly as she does.  She must be one organized woman!

What a great idea!

Carolyn of 2 Good Claymates has come up with a great gift giving idea.  How much simpler can shopping be? She has created gift certificates and packaged them in beautifully covered tins. She used the Feather Boa texture stamp here.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Friday!!!!

Just thought that i would share a pic i just took of my favourite flower!  The Gerbera daisy.  I smile everytime i look at them.  When i have a bouquet of these flowers I tend to split them up into groups of 3 and put them in vases made of milk glass (something else that i collect) I put a vase in the living room, one on my nightstand, one in the washroom and the single, leftover daisy goes on my desk beside my computer. Flowers give off good energy and make you happy.  What could be more simple and joyful than that!  Go out and treat yourselves to some flowers today! You deserve it!

Fabulous looking new book

I love beads and I love books! 

I know that sooo many of us have a weakness when it comes to collecting inspirational books. I have quite the collection myself.  Most of them are are sitting neatly on a shelf less than 3 feet away from where I'm sitting.  So much of what I have learned comes from books. I've snuggled up with many of them when It's just too yucky to go outside or I'm too tired to move or just when i want a little quiet time to myself.  Allowing myself time with my books is a little bit of a ritual. I'll make myself a cup of tea or a latte in my favourite mug before plunking myself down in my favourite chair to read or just browse through a stack of books.
I'm not a beader, (i wish) but I am very attracted to a lot of it, especially the bead embroidery.  That stuff is so yummy looking especially the cuff bracelets.  I can't help but wonder what i could come up with using  cabochons made with my CaBezel molds !!!!!  Sadly, this will never happen, at least not if I have to do it.  Beading and polymer cabochons are a match made in heaven no???  
If anyone out there reading this does bead embroidery and has used cabochons from my molds I would absolutely love to see some pictures!!!  
Now, back to this  book.  If you click here  You can actually take a peek inside the book.  Major eye candy.  The cuff bracelets on page 9 are to die for.  I think i'd just leave them on my coffee table all the time so that i could just look at them daily!!!
Here are a few of my books!!!