Friday, November 25, 2011

Do you want to be a WINNER!!!!!

Of course you do darlings ,everyone wants to be a winner, and in this case it couldn't be easier!

I'd like to ask for YOUR input!
I have been working on a new concept for the CaBezels.  I hope to introduce them soon, but first, I'd like to get your input on one of the shapes.  So many people love hearts and  of course I've have had a few requests for them. So this time I'm going to introduce one!!  The trouble is, that there are sooo may different styles to choose from.  Elongated, voluminous, stylized and on and on (you get the picture). 
Soooooo, here is where YOU come in!!!
 I have drawn several different styles but I just can't decide. So i thought that i would ask you for some help.  I want to get moving on this so i'd like your opinion by Monday evening at 10:00pm. Heck, you can even send me a scan of the heart shape that your little heart desires if you want to.  These new CaBezel molds will be larger than any that I've done in the past.(note the dines that I've included next to the hearts)  Of course I'm thinking "jewelry" but mini book covers, belt buckles, or tiles would work well too.
As my way of saying "Thank-you" when you give me your input, I will put your name in a draw and the winner will get a "Heart shaped CaBezel mold!!!!

Just choose your 2 favourites and send  the corresponding #'s to me in an email.  Please put "Hearts" in the subject line. 

There will be 5 new shapes in all.  If you have any shapes that you've been dreaming about, send me an email and I'll see about adding it too!

Thanks in advance for all your input.  You gals are the best!!