Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Hoya in bloom

This plant never ceases to amaze me when it blooms. I have had this wax plant for many, many years and it is only in the last 5 years that it has started to produce flowers for me and I am so grateful when it does. Ahhh...the simple pleasures in life.
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

At the end of April I attended my first ever Morrisburg Polymer clay Gathering (MPCG)and I even had the privilege of teaching a class. For those of you that aren't familiar with it, it is a 4 day retreat that takes place in Morrisburg Ontario. It is hosted and organised by 2 wonderful and talented woman: Margi Laurin and Violette Laporte and this was the gathering's 7th year! It is so inspiring to be in a room filled with just under 40 like minded and talented people who are all just a little bit addicted to polymer clay. Our ages ranged from the mid thirties to 80 years young and we could all learn something from each other.




Here is just a sampling of the talent that attended.
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Artists that have work in these photos include: Margi Laurin, Adria Filion, Violette Laporte, Cathy Malcolmson, Gaby Orbach,Barbara Colautti. (If I have missed you, please let me know)

MPCG is a great place to meet new people and make great new friends (like Pat and Diane).
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If you ever thought that it wasn't possible for YOU to have THIS much fun...think again. Come to Morrisburg next year.
This was Patti T's first year at MPCG (I don't think it will be her last)
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Margi Laurin gave a talk on journaling. She keeps the most beautiful journals using a variety of medium including watercolour. Her work is to die for, so much more that a journal. A record of her life in full colour. Margi also sells blank journals that she creates from old library books. I bought one that I hope to start using on a regular basis. (We'll see about that)

Georgia Ferrell showed us more uses for liquid clay including making a pliable fabric.
Jacey Culham the Queen of miniatures taught us how to make teeny tiny fast food favourites. Her work is marvelous. Jacey and her husband sell the art at the "One of a Kind" shows. I really wish that I had taken more pictures of these classes. I guess I was just too busy taking it all in.
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Sandy Willis showed us how to have lots of "Fun with Flakes"
Sandy incorporated iridescent flakes, glass slides,inks,stamps and even beads!
Here are just a few examples of what people came up with.

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Gaby Orbach taught this fun class


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Violette Laporte taught us how to create lovely little books using the coptic stitching method and our own polymer clay covers.
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My Resolution Steampunk Class

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Here are some of the great examples that the ladies came up with during the class. It can be very time consuming to come up with such an original piece so unfortuneately there were still many unfinished pieces that weren't ready to photographed yet.
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These beauties were made by the extremely talented Janice V.
(I believe she gifted them to Margi and Vio)
Janice is an extremely generous person too. She is always donating something to our Southern Ontario Polymer Clay Guild. Thanks Janice.
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I got to take Marilyn home with me !!!

I never seem to win anything ever, but this time I lucked out because I won the privilege of taking Marilyn home. She has found a place of honour in my computer room and now everyone that wants to get to my backyard (or come back in from my backyard) through the patio door with get to see her in all of her glory.
Thanks to everyone at Morrisburg for contributing a square.
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Happy Mother's Day !


I'm sending this Mother's Day wish out to EVERY woman today.
I don't think that there is a female out there that doesn't take care of someone or something on a regular basis.Enjoy!
(The cake was made by my daughter Tessa)
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Life doesn't get any easier than this!
I am so hooked on creating simple canes and using them with the CaBezels. This is my latest creation.
The earrings are a simple design that I have come up with using eyelets/grommets.
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