Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pendants and bracelets, oh my!

Susan White of Calgary has been busy creating with the CaBezel molds.
(The 3 Fab Focals 2 mold was used for these pendants)

 She has even incorporated the infamous "Stroppel Cane" into this pendant 
Susan was generous enough to tell us how she made this faux metal cuff bracelet:
" The cuff bracelet is made over an aluminum blank.  I formed the outer layer with unbaked clay first then added the unbaked bezels to it.  I textured around them and baked.  Then inside of cuff was covered with clay, and baked. I covered the whole outside rim of the cuff with tls, and I used my extruder to get a narrow ribbon of clay. I make sure the ribbon is in good contact with the inner and outside clay layers, and bake. Then I filled the bezels with a veneer I had made, and did a final bake.  After sanding, I used a couple of colours of gilder's paste, was attempting to make the cuff look like hammered metal.  Not sure I succeeded, but was happy with the result."
(The Organic mold was used for the cuff)

I know that this one would look soooo good on my wrist!!!
(The Organics mold was used here)

She used leather cord for this one and knotted it in between.  What a great idea.
(Frame- It  was used for this bracelet)

Thanks Susan!!!!