Saturday, June 23, 2012

My first tutorial is up on Etsy!

With so much to do and create around here I have totally ignored my Etsy shop. ( Ok, so it's been years since i've done anything with Etsy and even then i only listed a few items and i let them expire!)
 I hope to change all of that.  I got my mojo back and I'm raring to go!

I've just listed my first tutorial for sale and if all goes well, I may even start to list some of the jewelry I make as samples for the CaBezels.  A girl can only wear so much jewelry herself you know!

This Tutorial is called "Windows to my Soul" 
It uses scrap clay (of course!) combined with Viva Decor Inka Gold paints, Pinata inks and the Blocks and Dots CaBezel mold.

Take a peek!

I have 2 more tutorials started, they are actually quite time consuming to create (ask my sister, she's the one that put it all together for me .  Thanks Sue!).  Hopefully I'll get them done sooner rather than later.
If you have any questions regarding the Tutorial feel free to email me here.

Coming soon!

Here are the next 3 shapes in the All-In-One CaBezel mold series. These ones will be available soon!

  • Petals
  • Triad
  • Dragon's eye

I have been working on a few samples to show you.  It's odd....I designed these molds so that there would be  lots of clay around the cabochon to turn into an over-sized bezel (frame), but I'm having soooo much fun playing with the big cabochon area that I sometimes even ignore the entire bezel!!!!
Don't worry though, I'll come up with some ideas to show you using the bezel too.