Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A sculpting workshop with Kate Church

I just spent an exhilarating 3 days doing an intermediate doll workshop with Kate Church.  If you aren't familiar with her work you can take a peek here.  Her characters are full of whimsy and joy and I always find myself being drawn in for closer examination when i look at one of  Kate's' sculptures. Kate is quite the character herself. Not the boisterous over-the- top or get- in-your- face type though.  She is quietly interesting and intriguing.  Just like her characters' smiling faces draw me in, so too does she. She tells interesting stories as she shows us her methods for  sculpting.  She uses her own face to demonstrate the different planes etc , even pushing her own skin with the handle of a small paintbrush to demonstrate where the clay needs to be pushed or pulled or tucked!  Her methods are unique and simplified and one where there are no mistakes.  If you've made a mistake, Kate has a solution!   An endearing and kind woman.  If you're looking for sculpting workshop i would highly recommend one of hers.  She is teaching in Haliburton this summer. (I'm almost tempted to sign up again!)  If you've never experienced the camaraderie of a workshop filled with woman that all share the same interests it's a must for you.

Here is Kate:                                             another  one of Kate's sculptures

I didn't get anything finished but here is look at 2 of the heads i  started. 
 Here are the same 2 heads with some added detail (still unfinished) and a few other sculpted body parts.