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Windows to my Soul

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In this tutorial I will show you how to re-create my surface technique using texture stamps, Inca Gold paints and alcohol inks. The great part, is that you can use scrap clay to create these beautiful pendants and no one will ever know!
Next, I’ll show you how I’ve created the pendants with window inserts.  Then, because you are using scrap clay, I will show you how to smooth any rough cut edges (without sanding!) and how to cover them up once they are smooth.  We will also attach a bail for hanging and finish the back off nicely
I will assume that you are familiar with the CaBezel molds and how they work.  However, I have included the basic instructions on how to use the molds at the end of this tutorial. (pages 18,19 and 20) Don’t worry, you don’t need to know how to use the molds beforehand. They are a really easy tool to use and once you get the hang of them you’ll come up with many more projects and uses for them!
It may also be helpful for you to check out my YouTube channel and see some of my how-to videos
Tools required:
•You will need the Blocks ‘n Dots CaBezel mold (If you already have the “Mini” CaBezel mold, you can use it instead but your results will look different from the ones shown in this tutorial).
•2 different Texture stamps (I have used “Honeycomb” and “Boxed In”) but any will do
•You will also need some small square and round cutters ranging in sizes from about 5/8”-1”.  (I’ve used mainly Kemper cutters)
•(All of the tools are available online at
Supplies required:
         Your usual clay kit plus:
•Inka Gold paints  (by Viva Décor)
•Piñata Alcohol Inks and Extender
•liquid clay ( I prefer Kato liquid clay but you can use your favourite brand)
•bail (for hanging)
•scrap clay (the amount depends how many pendants you want to create)
•Most of the supplies can be purchased online from  except for the Inka Gold paints.  They can be purchased online at  or check your local art stores.