Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Friday!!!!

Just thought that i would share a pic i just took of my favourite flower!  The Gerbera daisy.  I smile everytime i look at them.  When i have a bouquet of these flowers I tend to split them up into groups of 3 and put them in vases made of milk glass (something else that i collect) I put a vase in the living room, one on my nightstand, one in the washroom and the single, leftover daisy goes on my desk beside my computer. Flowers give off good energy and make you happy.  What could be more simple and joyful than that!  Go out and treat yourselves to some flowers today! You deserve it!

Fabulous looking new book

I love beads and I love books! 

I know that sooo many of us have a weakness when it comes to collecting inspirational books. I have quite the collection myself.  Most of them are are sitting neatly on a shelf less than 3 feet away from where I'm sitting.  So much of what I have learned comes from books. I've snuggled up with many of them when It's just too yucky to go outside or I'm too tired to move or just when i want a little quiet time to myself.  Allowing myself time with my books is a little bit of a ritual. I'll make myself a cup of tea or a latte in my favourite mug before plunking myself down in my favourite chair to read or just browse through a stack of books.
I'm not a beader, (i wish) but I am very attracted to a lot of it, especially the bead embroidery.  That stuff is so yummy looking especially the cuff bracelets.  I can't help but wonder what i could come up with using  cabochons made with my CaBezel molds !!!!!  Sadly, this will never happen, at least not if I have to do it.  Beading and polymer cabochons are a match made in heaven no???  
If anyone out there reading this does bead embroidery and has used cabochons from my molds I would absolutely love to see some pictures!!!  
Now, back to this  book.  If you click here  You can actually take a peek inside the book.  Major eye candy.  The cuff bracelets on page 9 are to die for.  I think i'd just leave them on my coffee table all the time so that i could just look at them daily!!!
Here are a few of my books!!!