Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello to everyone
I can't believe that it has been almost exactly 2 months since I've posted here on my beloved blog. Not coincidently it has been exactly 2 months since I made the decision to become the proud new owner of Shades of Clay.

Many of you that read my blog posts are familiar with this Canadian on-line store because it is frequented by many polymer clay enthusiasts. Even though the site is called Shades of Clay it definitely isn't just for clayers. The previous owner, Margaret, has done a wonderful job  bringing in many diverse and eclectic products to appeal to a much  wider audience of artists and crafts people.

As most of you already know, Margaret retired just over 1 month ago and handed me the reigns. It is not an easy task filling her shoes. I found out quickly, just how hard Margaret worked behind the scenes to keep everything running so smoothly.
 I have had an exciting month.  Meeting many new people and also reconnecting with many that I have crossed paths with on my polymer clay journey and it has been such a pleasure each day. I would like to thank all of you that either offered me 'congratulations'  in my new endeavour or welcomed me so warmly.
I have lots of ideas for new products and items in the future.
I am still learning everyday and jumping over new hurdles. I truly appreciate everyone's patience over the last month and if it's not to bold....I'll ask for continued patience as well.
I couldn't ask for a better job or better customers.

I'm going to try to keep up with this blog when I come up with new ideas to share.
If any of you follow me on my  The Art of My Clay FaceBook page then you may want to join me instead on The Shades of Clay FB page now.
Talk to you later when I have more news to share.
If you have questions please feel free to email me here.    

This was my last time playing with clay using the Blocks 'n Dots CB mold and the Dragon's Breath texture sheet.
I hope that I will get to play again soon.