Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adjustable necklaces and bracelets? How?

With all the talk about beautiful cords I thought that I would show you how one customer fastens her buna cord by making small sliders out of matching clay. Gail Garbe says:"I found the concept on Carol Simmons' blog - she was experimenting with nylon cording and I've just adapted it for buna and glue. You make 2 small rectangles, wide enough so that you can drill one hole (the diameter of your cord) all the way through and beside that a second hole partially through. I like to make them using the same cane as my pendant. After putting the pendant on your cord, feed a bead onto each end and then glue the opposite cord end into the half hole. Voila!" Thanks for sharing your photo Gail.

If you don't feel like making them from clay you can use the brass ones in the same fashion. There are 2 sizes available.

We'd love to see what method you use to fasten your buna, SoftGlass or any other type of cords!! If you feel like sharing send me your images! Email them here with "share" in the subject line.

Slide through End Caps  Non tarnish brass
End Caps that slide to adjust your necklace to exactly your preferred length. Inner diameter is 2mm. Length is 7mm. Package of 4 end caps
HYBR2307  $2.79 CAD