Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wendy Orlowski - Parole de pâte

Wendy Orlowski - Parole de pâte

I am a bit slow in posting this one! (who knew it was so easy to put the link on my blog!!)
Anyway...while I was at the Morrisburg gathering I was very flattered to be asked for an interview by Louise from the Montreal Guild.
This is the very generous posting she made on Parole de pate. There are some really great looking tuts on there as well.
(I really wish I had a better grasp of the French language!)

A blog from France

Here is a blog from France that mentions the CaBezels and has nice things to say about ordering from Margaret Scott at http://shadesofclay.com
Go take a look and see how she uses the molds.

Les bricoles à Syd
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