Friday, November 18, 2011

Just Steampunk!!!

For those of us that just can't seem to get enough Steampunk.  Scott Publications has a special publication on the stands now. It covers everything from dolls to decor to jewelry and more!  Over 100 pages of inspiring ideas! 
Some of my designs are on pages 24 and 25 so if you are looking for ideas on how you can use your new "Straight and Narrow" texture stamp ofryour "Blocks 'n Dots" CaBezel mold you'll find some ideas there.

Here's how Steampunk is described by Scott publications:

"Steampunk is the future as dreamt by the past." Think bits of broken jewelry, corroded clock gears and vintage anything. But don’t forget the fantasy, the whimsy or most definitely the metallic. And Just Steampunk! features this unique style in all its glory, highlighting works of art in all types of media: paper arts, polymer clay, dolls, jewelry, accessories and more. Including over 300 full color photographs showcasing projects from a variety of talented designers, Just Steampunk is sure to satisfy the demand of die hard fans, or whet the appetite of the newly curious. Warning: Steampunk art may become addictive!"