Friday, June 29, 2012

Tips for other Guilder's Paste addicts

By now, those of you that read my blog know just how much I love using the Guilder's paste!
About the only thing i didn't like about them was having to open up the tin every time i want to see a colour.
Of course i have an idea of what each colour looks like (after reading the name on the tin), but i usually need to SEE the colour next to the project i'm working on before i can decide which colour i need.

That used to involve opening up several of the tins first but not anymore!

I had some small stickers laying around (probs from a dollar store), so i decided that i would rub each of the GP colours onto a sticker and then apply them to the top of tin.

Now when i'm choosing my colours, all i have to do is glance inside the drawer beside me and pick up the appropriate tins.
No more opening and closing!
You can get Guilder's Paste here.

                                                   This is a great waterless hand cleaner. I keep it next to me so that when all of my fingertips are covered with GP i can just squirt a bit onto the ends of my fingers and wipe it off with a cloth. It saves having to jump up and wash my hands several times during a working session. (besides, soap and water doesn't really remove the GP anyway).
It has a nice citrus smell to it and even though it says it contains natural ingredients  (i'm sure it also contains some not so healthy ones as well) it is a bit rough on your hands after a while so use it sparingly (it contains pumice).
 This stuff is also great when working with dirty old steel wire.  It takes the carbon right off my hands so that i don't make everything else that i touch black. (I think this big jug came from a Canadian Tire store.)