Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dragon's eye, Petals and Triad. They're here!

As promised, I have created some samples for you to see with the All-In-One CaBezel molds. 

All 3 of these new designs are available today at Shades of Clay. 

                              Dragon's Eye   

This shape has many possibilities as it can be used both horizontally and vertically. Think polished and elegant or magical, mythological and scaly. (Pair with "Entwined" texture stamp as both can have a scales and serpents theme). 

This cabochon is 2⅜" long and 1" wide. It sits inside a square customizable bezel. Outer dimensions of the square are 2½"x2½". 

The cabochon was made from white clay.  Once baked, I added some yellow Pinata ink. when it dried i applied liquid and re-baked it.  I usually use Kato liquid clay so as soon as it comes out of the oven i hit it with my heat gun until it is crystal clear.
The bezel was just scrap clay that i covered in Guilder's paste.  This time i mixed 2 colors together: Patina and Iris Blue.. I made the steel links and components myself.


This equilateral triangle has rounded corners to soften the look and make it more elegant. 

The height of the cabochon is 1½". It sits inside a square customizable bezel. Outer dimensions of the square are 2½"x2½"
I did a transfer on white clay for the cabochon.
For the bezel i kept it the full size. I used my "Entwined" texture stamp.


Who doesn't love flowers enough to have them around all year long? 
This cabochon measures 2" across at its widest point and sits inside a square customizable bezel that is 2½x2½"

I haven't had a chance to play with these too much so far but watch for some more ideas from me on how to use them!  OR even better, send me some pics of how YOU use them .  I'd love to put them on the blog.

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