Sunday, October 24, 2010


I found this website after reading some wonderful, kind comments that this woman left on a polymer clay forum. I have never met her or even heard of her or her work before, but after seeing the kindness and calmness that she had exude in her words, I was curious and just wanted to find out more about her. She comes from Africa originally but now lives and creates her art in Australia and her name is Sabine Spiesser. She is a digital artist that  alters, layers and merges several different images together. Her use of images is captivating and her use of color is brilliant.  She is one of my new favs to watch for sure.  Here are a few examples of her work.

SSabiSpending time with camera in hand or gathering natural materials such as leaves, twigs, bark, feathers shells and ephemera for scanning  is  part of the meditative as well as immensely relaxing process of creating digital art. The artist wanders with her camera through gardens, parks, the wilderness and urban places looking for the unusual and for detail often missed, such as intricate textures . She is a keen gardener and finds much inspirational material in her own suburban garden.neSabine Spiesser abine Spiesser