Sunday, August 22, 2010

New manufacturer found for the CaBezel Jewellery Molds!

I am very pleased to announce that after more than 2 months of searching I have finally found a great little company to manufacture the CaBezels for me.
I have spoken to several different companies, tried out various types of photo polymer, (found out that not all of them are compatible with polymer clay) and in the end (with the help of Bev), learned a whole new language where photopolymer is concerned. So look for a few new designs soon at
                                                                        This is a peek into some of the research that I've been doing.

Here's a  sneak peek of just a few of the new bezel shapes.
This tile bracelet was made using "Get to the Point"
This necklace was made using "Lemon-Egg"
The examples below are also using the new "Lemon-Egg" CaBezel molds and some white acrylic paint.

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