Thursday, August 26, 2010

Get To The Point !

If you are a fan of making tile bracelets then I think you'll like this new design.
You will no longer have to make each tile one at a time. With this new CaBezel mold you can make five at a time, then lift up the mold place it back down and make 5 more. That's 10. Enough to make a bracelet to fit most wrists. It is so quick and easy now!
Each rounded triangle tile will be 1 3/4" long and 3/4" across at the widest part.
You can then choose to cut each triangle apart or leave them together.  For the bracelet on the left I kept all 5 triangles together. I made straight cuts across the top and bottom without cutting around all of the points.  For the bracelet on the right I chose to cut each triangle apart.
My method for both bracelets was  foil topped with alcohol inks. Both bracelets are strung together with clear elastic.
This new design should be available for purchase at Shades of Clay in about 2 weeks.

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