Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A "Love-ly" Little Dish - A Tutorial using Polymer Clay

I have been allowing myself to have some creative time recently. It has proven to me just how important it is to make time for this activity as it helps me to feel grounded in ways that nothing else can. Simply put, I'm just happier when I'm creating!

While I was playing, I came up with an idea to create little heart shaped dishes (bowls) and I even managed to get it out there in time for Valentine's Day!   OK, barely, but it is such a simple idea that you will still have time to make a few before February 14th.

Whether you choose to give a few, make one for yourself or use it as an excuse to keep the kids busy, I think you will be pleased with the results.

I have used Iced Enamels over black polymer clay to decorate mine, but really, you could use anything.
Cover scrap clay with Swellegant  paint and patinas, use brightly coloured clay, canes or silk screens or textures.

These little vessels are just waiting to be made in whatever way your little heart desires. (Yep, pun intended).

Click here for the video.

I hope you like it.

You can probably find substitutes for the cutters and the stainless steel mold at home but just in case you still need something, here are some quick links to help you find the products quickly. from Shade

Heart Cutters and also the Stainless Steel Sphere Mold

Polymer Clay



ICED Enamels

PYMII  (Can only be shipped within Canada)