Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Almond Bezels and More" the new CaBezel Mold

"Almond Bezels and More". Does the name sound familiar to you? The newest CaBezel mold was designed to be used alongside "Almond Cabs and More" from Best Flexible Molds.
Penni Jo and I started communicating  a few months ago about the possibility of me creating a bezel mold to "frame" her cabochons.  I am happy to say that it is now available.
I find the Best Flexible molds  really easy to use and the shape of the cabochons were shouting out for matching bezels (OK, maybe that was just in my head).
The frame thickness (on the bezels) is approximately 2mm wide.  If you want the look of a wider bezel or a textured one, that's easy to do.
Once your baked bezel comes out of the oven and has cooled, place it on top of a textured sheet of clay (some liquid clay will help the raw clay bond with the baked)  then,  use a cookie cutter or better yet, cut a free-hand shape with a blade and re-bake.  
Now create your cabochon. The sky really is the limit here. Try translucent clay with a drop of ink to gently color it or create a faux stone look.
Once you have de-molded the clay from the Best Flexible "Almond Cabs and More" mold,  place it in the center and gently push  into the bezel to fill it in perfectly. Bake. If you have used mica powders or anything else that needs a protective coating PYMII is a great solution.

You can find both of the molds on this page.  If you purchase both of them together you will save 10%