Monday, December 2, 2013

Romantic Lockets for the Holidays

These Fashionable Lockets have many possibilities.

Wear a "Secret" around your neck today

You can leave them just as they are and hang them from a pretty Grosgrain ribbon, a chain or a romantic Velour cord. The Velour cords are available already pre-made with an extender attached so if you are finishing up pendants for Holiday sales or gifts these are a great time saver.

Don't stop with just hanging them though.  How about altering them? Include them with your mixed media work. Use Inks or patinas to distress them or cover them with clay! (you know the rule about clay....If it doesn't move or breathe, it can be covered with clay!)
Hang them alone or alongside other charms and findings. Tell your story!
Don't forget to hide a treasure inside!!! Carry a picture of those that matter to you most around with you all day.
Have fun!

3 Different Styles to choose from.