Monday, August 12, 2013

Pasta Machines back in stock!

All of the pasta machines offered at Shades of Clay are now back in stock.

There are 3 different past machines to choose from and 2 different motors as well!

Now is the perfect time to order so that you'll be ready when the heat of summer is gone. Before you know it the kids will be back in school and hopefully that will mean more free time for you and your clay!

The Makins motors are in stock too and I've been promised that the  Marcato Pastadrive Motors are on their way from Italy! (look for them to be back in stock before September.)

Makin's Professional Ultimate Clay Machine
This clay machine features sturdy stainless steel construction, extra wide 7" non-stick rollers and nine thickness settings.  Handle and table clamp are included. Please note that this machine is designed for clay and not for food use.   Motor available below

Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Machine 
High quality pasta machine easily produces polymer clay sheets of varying thicknesses; also serves to condition clay and to blend colors for certain effects. This pasta machine is a deluxe model; Italian made; 9 thickness settings; 150mm opening; 2 removable cutters for easy portability. Accepts the pasta drive motor

Marcato Atlas 180 Pasta Machine
Item #GIV208R
Similar to the Atlas 150 (immediately above) but with a wider 180mm opening. Also accepts the Pastadrive motor (sold separately).