Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Big changes afoot!!!!!

I am so excited, and who better to share with than my faithful blog readers! 

There are some BIG changes about to happen in my life!!
I can't tell you just yet what they are, but soon, I promise!
For now though, I am going to be clearing out some stock that I have on hand.
I don't normally have anything to do with my own sales because  as many of you already know,  Shades of Clay is my one and only on-line distributor of both of my product lines:
My CaBezel molds and my Texture stamps.

However, for a limited time, I'm going to be offering up any stock that I personally have on hand  and  you'll even save on taxes as I will absorb them  for a limited time because


Included in this special offering are some photo polymer texture sheets thin enough to go through your pasta machine.
My textures are usually only offered in rubber because it helps me to keep my prices more affordable.
But I got an offer to nice to refuse with this batch of designs. (Without this offer I would have had to retail each design for $18.99 Whoa!!!  that's not do-able)
Once they're gone, they're gone baby!!!

Here is the great part for you!  I'm selling these in my Etsy shop for $11.99 each but if you want all 3 designs  the set is only $29.99! (bare with me, so far I only have the set of 3 listed)


So stop by my Etsy shop
In a few days
I'll also have some rubber texture stamps (the first batch that came out just a touch thicker than I wanted them to be which means that you can't put them through your pasta machine but you can use any other method of applying the texture to your clay (like stepping on them) or, you can  just ink them up and use them for the design instead of the texture.
I'll also have some CaBezel molds odds and ends so come by and take a look I'll add more stuff in the days to come.