Friday, January 4, 2013

A new way to use the All-In-One molds!!

For all of the samples above I have used the "Circle" All-In-One CaBezel mold
I gently stretched each one differently
The centre of the orange one is just a thin piece of clay stretched through the opening to make a hollow cabochon.
My new "Groovy" texture stamp was used on the black example.
For this example the new "Dragon's breath" texture sheet was used with the "Circle"all-in-one CaBezel mold.
After you condition and sheet your clay on the thickest setting, place it on a piece of paper.
(You may notice that i have just used a very thin layer of colored clay on top of scrap clay)
Place the A-I-O mold on top.
With your acrylic roller (held in your fist) press JUST the raised circle portion into the clay.
After lifting the mold use a 1 1/8" cookie cutter to cut out the centre.  Now use a 2 1/2" cutter to cut around the outside.  You can choose to centre it or not.  In the image here I have left more clay at the bottom.
Now gently stretch the clay to the desired shape.
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