Saturday, October 13, 2012

Extruded Soutache

I'm having fun playing with the "Soutache" technique!

It  showed up in our polymer clay world recently and when I saw it i just knew that I had to experiment with the technique using the All-In-One molds,  The molds lend themselves beautifully to this technique.
Other than an a-i-o mold and your usual clay kit you just need an extruder and some seed beads!
It's so easy!

I used the "Ellipse" mold for this pendant. (i also threw in a "Mini" faux turquoise cabochon/bezel combo that i had lying around)

            Watch for a "How to" video tutorial of how I made this one.

I web cam-ed the making of this  and as soon as I get around to editing it, i'll post the free video tut here and also on my YouTube channel.  (I guess now that I've said it out loud I better make it happen!)

The final 3 shapes in the All-In-One CaBezel mold series will be available very soon.

                                            Here's a sneak peek



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                    " Ellipse"