Friday, October 26, 2012

Extruded Soutache Technique Part 1

OK. It's finally done.  Part 1 that is. I'll try to finish the rest this week end but no promises!
I would promise but who knows if Windows Live Movie Maker will play nice.  I spent hours editing Part 1 and when it was time to save it, it WOULDN'T!!. I kept getting an error message saying that there was a corrupt file!!! OMG, you have NO idea how frustrated I was.  Yikes. But I finally won in the end.  There are a few blips but nothing too major (i hope)
Using the extruder is soooo much fun.  When I extruded my first strands i fell in love AND I also came up with an idea for a beautiful bracelet.  Once this video tute is complete I'll go back and play with the bracelet some more and  share my results.