Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Pixelated Retro Blend Cane

Wow!  A gorgeous and easy cane!
If you haven't seen Bettina Welker's tutorial for her retro cane yet, do yourself a favor and go take a look at it now by clicking here.
Last Friday I got together with some friends to enjoy a clay day.  We decided that we would make this cane.  I haven't done much of anything with my extruder yet, but on Friday I was having so much fun I made 4 different variations of Bettina's cane, (of course we stopped for a delicious lunch and a bottle of  wine in there somewhere. Claying makes you thirsty you know!)
Anyway, here are my versions.  I'm not sure what I'm going to use them for yet.  I'll show you when i have something made though.