Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The new Pantone colours (as seen by Carolyn at 2goodclaymates)

I landed on the 2goodclaymates blog today and was intrigued by Carolyn's musings on the new Pantone colours. 
The colours are wonderful and Carolyn gives examples and even some recipes for mixing certain colours. 
She definitely has an eye for colours. 
If you scroll down  she mentions how many of us (me included!!) have our favourite colours and how we sometimes keep using the same ones over and over (yep, that's me too!) Can you say green and turquoise"  Those are the colours that I'm addicted to.  Throw in some metallic (usually silver but lately copper is a fav too) and you pretty well have my colour scheme summed up!

I admire how Carolyn can use so many different colour schemes in her work.
I don't normally make New Years resolutions but this year I have secretly vowed to try to get out of my colour rut. (it was a secret 'til now

I now have Carolyn's Colour Clay System tutorial. It looks pretty epic. I've printed it out (it's over 50 pages) She covers a lot of ground in this tut.  I can't wait to dive in.

Here is some of what's included in her tutorial.
* how to mix clay color recipes and organize them with your own color library system
* how to mix up new colors by making your own Custom Color Wheel Charts
* how to make a Six-Step Color Blend
* a fun technique for testing color combinations I call my Mini-Mokume
* how to make some beads from your mokume

 To learn more go here.