Monday, August 8, 2011

A different way to use your cabochon molds

While I was using my cabezel mold to make some bezels I accidentally rubbed over top of the cabochon part of the mold. Since I was using black clay, my first thought was to just scrap the impressions. 'Cause who the heck wants black cabochons? Then I thought hmmmmm, why not use some small rubber stamps to make an impression and make something usable? Then I cut around them with cookie cutters (for the round ones) and purposely off-set the cut. Then using my Inka Gold paints I applied some colour! So easy! For the heart I just used a small cutter first to remove a heart from the cab and then again (with thin plastic wrap this time) to make a replacement heart. Turn them into pendants or charms easily using Japanese paper clips, chain links or even rivets.

I'm going to try to post more ideas on how to use your CaBezel molds.
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