Monday, July 4, 2011

The biggest garage sale around

We "creatives" seem to have many things in common, one of which is treasure hunting!  Yes, we love the thrill of the hunt and the act of  turning other people's trash into treasure. There is something magical that takes place when we can change something "old" into something "better" with our own hands.  That's why I just had to blog about the upcoming garage sale this Sunday.  This is an annual event that has been going on for many years.  I've been attending for about the last 5.  It always takes place the second Sunday in July so this year it falls on the 10th. 
It takes place on Beach Blvd in Hamilton, right on the border it seems where Hamilton and Burlington meet. Not only do many of the residents take part in this 2 kilometre long garage sale but people from all over come and set up their wares.  Some are vendors from flea markets too.  There is lots of parking on the street but you might want to get there by 8am to get a good spot. If you come from the Burlington end of the street I would drive for a few minutes to park closer to the Hamilton end of the street.  Wear comfy shoes, bring some water and something to carry (or wheel) your purchases in.  There is some street food available and washrooms too. (for those that might want a bit more info you can Google "Jimmy Lomax" operation Santa Claus but the info is pretty scarce) or click
For those of you using a GPS here is the address, 231 Beach Blvd., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8H 6V8
Maybe I'll see you there!