Sunday, May 1, 2011

New PolymerCAFE issue

I guess that I forgot to mention it here but the latest issue of PolymerCAFE is out on the newstands now.
 The magazine had a "Steampunk" challenge and the winners were published in this issue.

 The editor thought that it would be a good idea to include a tutorial for some steampunk jewelry in the same issue so my article shows how to make a large pendant using a lot of "upcycled" bits and pieces.(of course it also shows yet another way to use the CaBezel Jewelry Molds. You can see 3 of them used in the piece here)

As part of this tutorial I showed how to create your own texture sheet using some ballchain, a zipper and a few other things to help you create some long thin lines of texture. These lines were then used to wrap around the edge of a clay circle to help create the illusion of an old timepiece or watch.

I have been using molds like these for over 2 years now . I really like the way these thin lines finish off edges.   Here is where the big news comes in.  I have decided to make this idea into a rubber texture and make them available for purchase.  I was hoping that it would be available when the magazine was released but after a few delays it just wasn't possible. I will tell you more about my new line of rubber textures in another post.  I'm hoping that my first group of textures (this one too) will be available by the end of May.