Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crackle technique with Inka-Gold

I received my 2nd order of Inka-Gold paints.  The colors are amazing.  Unfortunately i haven't had a chance to even unscrew the lids to look at them.  That also means that haven't has a chance to work with them to test to see how permanent they are.  I did however email Trish (of poly clay play where I ordered the paints) and here is what she said Viva Decor states that it is permanent after 24 hours.  I would believe that but, since I like to add just a little shine I almost always use PYM II Spray Varnish
 Of course it's always best to do a bit of your own testing as there are always so many variables but Trish's email sounds pretty promising. I have yet to experiment with the Preserve Your Memories II spray varnish but I will get a can and try it out.  Trish does sell the product however for those of you that prefer to buy in Canada it can also be purchased online here
I did however manage to try the "crackling" technique at the request of one of my guild mates and I am happy to report that it was successful.  For those of you that may not be familiar with this technique, it is simply applying paint, letting it dry and then stretching the clay  by running it the the pasta machine and therefore causing the paint to break apart.  Some paints actually stretch with the clay but i found that if i applied the Inka-Gold thick enough (i did 2 coats on the blue) it crackled quite nicely. (there is only 1 coat on the green side so it didn't crackle as well)