Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Rocky Path" A wonderful tutorial

I recently purchased my first online tutorial. I usually consider myself to be  quite selective when it comes to learning new techniques with clay but it wasn't the first time that this tutorial  by Christi Uliczny had tempted me.  I first saw it mentioned on Polymer Clay Daily and although I have played with the alcohol ink and leaf combo before my results remained flat compared to what I saw in Christi's work..  Easily distracted I left the page and forgot all about it until PCD mentioned how  Tricia Dewey had used that very same tutorial and manipulated it to come up with some pretty spectacular beads of her own.

This above  image is one that first caught my eye for the "Rocky Path" tutorial.  It is a great tutorial. Short and to the point and in it there were a few secrets revealed for getting some wonderful results.  Well worth the $7.00 dollars that I paid.
This story has a bit of a twist to it. Shortly after I had received the tut in my inbox I received a "thank you for purchasing" note from Christi. Here's the twist, in her email she also mentioned that she had just ordered one of my CaBezel molds!  It's a small world out there.  I'll be watching to see what she does with them!

Here are a few things that I've done with the tut so far.  I've been having so much fun with it that I've made several things.  The problem is that i just keep coming up with new combinations and I can never seem to actually finish any!  My creative muse just loves this technique!  My goal is to finish the pieces and list them on ETSY!
This one features a shape from "3 Fab Focals" I was after an ancient type of look here.
                                      For this one the 2 shapes are from "Lemon-Egg"
I am trying desperately to get away from making everything look like "silver".  I\m not sure why I am so drawn to it.  Let's see if i ever actually finish the pieces shown below! (the large one in the centre uses Christi's technique.)
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