Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm in a pickle and looking for your opinion about the CaBezel Jewellery Molds

A little while ago I finished some new designs for the CaBezel Jewellery Molds.  I'm really happy with them and I think that you polymer artists will be too. Here's where my problem lies. I need to   find a new manufacturer to produce them for me so I have been doing a lot of research.   As it turns out the labour costs, combined with the already expensive costs of photopolymer are sending the costs through the roof ! You see, Bev and I weren't really charging  for our own labour and now that we have to pay someone else to do it they aren't willing to be as kind (bummer). Shipping and cutting will also be an added cost but I am adament about keeping production in Canada so that means no added border fees.

Now here is where I'm hoping to get some feed back from those of you that have used the CaBezels.
I realize that they may have already seemed a bit pricey to some because you couldn't possibly know the cost of the materials but I would like to know the following if you are willing to share:

#1 Would you be willing to pay a bit more to keep the molds in the transparent photopolymer?  (at this point it looks like I may need to charge $25.00 - $30.00 max   to make any profit at all.
#2 If you would be willing to pay more how much is too much?

#3 How important is it to you that I keep the product transparent?  I could possibly keep the costs the same as they are now if I switch to a more common opaque material.

#4 Is keeping the price the same as it is now ($19.99) the most important thing to you?

Please email me privately.  It's easier than logging on and leaving a comment on my blog plus it will take uptoo much room that way.  If you can please put survey in as the subject line.

I hope everyone realizes that it is not my intention to gouge anyone here.  My intent is to provide a well made product with great customer service that isn't produced in China. I take a lot of pride in this product.

I really appreciate any feedback that you are willing to give.
If I get enough responses I will post the results on my blog and I will keep you posted on the progress of the CaBezels and the new designs.

Hey...If anyone is familiar with the photopolymer industry and you know of a manufacturer/supplier that I may have over-looked please share that with me as well. Email me

Thanks so much for your input.