Thursday, April 22, 2010


The Bezel that is! This is something that never occurred to me to try before until I was trying to decide on the centerpiece for my last necklace. I had made up a few different bezel shapes using the CaBezel molds but me being the way that I am just couldn't be satisfied so I kept on playing. I covered a piece of dark purple clay (the same purple that i used for the grommets beads) with a piece of gold foil and ran it through the pasta machine (still on the thickest setting) to crackle the gold leaf a bit. Then I used the circle mold and made the bezel. I cut it out as usual and it looked good but for some reason I thought that I should stretch it a bit. It looked interesting so I gently rotated in my hands and stretched it some more. I couldn't believe that the outer edge didn't distort or get thin in places. Maybe because my clay was cool and not warm? Who knows, but I do like it and I will probably do some more manipulating in the future.
The inside was already gold because of the foil so I sprinkled some purple and rusty-orange glitter on top and then squeezed some liquid Kato on top before baking.
I did get my necklace finished last week and I'm thrilled with it. I just can't decide if I should wait to for Dean to do the photography before I post it?? He's definitely more talented than I am when it comes to photography and it helps that he has access to some lovely young necks too!!!
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