Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something a little bit different with the CaBezels

I seem to be going in a whole new direction these days, even when I'm using the CaBezel molds. A little while ago Bev handed me some new molds to play with. They were just circles but sizes that I didn't have and some with really chunky frames. I started working with them and Bev's texture stamps, combining them in ways like I hadn't in the past. I also came up with a new way to make  rings from Buna cord. Ill share about how I did that a little later on. Bev and I (by the way if don't already know, Bev is the one that makes the actual CaBezel molds and ImpressIT texture sheets with the photopolymer) anyway, I digress. We have decided to come out with a new series of molds, we're just trying to decide on the most exciting shapes! Hopefully it won't be too long of a wait, for now the first 3 in the series are still available exclusively on-line through Shades Of Clay.

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