Sunday, July 20, 2008

Clean your pasta machine!!!!

Here is a great lesson on what NOT to do!
I learned this the hard way while I was at the Dustin workshop.
I noticed that my translucent clay kept getting stuck in my PM and I needed to run it thru on the thinnest setting for the technique that we were learning! What a mess.
I didn't even imagine that was PM was soooo full of clay bits! After all this was my spare machine, the one that I ONLY used when I travelled to classes and the SOPCG meetings! Who would have thought.

After taking my PM machine apart i noticed that I had BENT parts because of the huge amounts of clay that were jammed inside!
All was not lost. I recovered more than a package and a half of clay!
I DIDN'T put the fenders back on my machine so now I will be able to see any clay that might get stuck.
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