Monday, April 21, 2008

Art Dolls

I've been very busy working on my Etsy shop. Thank goodness for my 10 year olds help with "browsing" for my pics on my PC and uploading them. I'll admit that I had been sitting in front of my PC just seething with frustration trying to upload the un-uploadables! What is it about the language of computers that speaks so easily to the younger generation? I keep threatening to send him to summer school to learn more about computers!!!! Unfortunately he sees right through my self-serving agenda!

While I was taking a little break today I stumbled upon this little gem of a blog. You really should take a look, especially if you are interested in art dolls. These people have a challenge to make 100 art dolls and they will be posting about each and every one of them. Want to know the biggest catch??? They arn't supposed to buy any new supplies ! I'm almost tempted to join. I think it would be absolutely wonderful to dig into my stash of fabrics and ribbons and try to make even a dent in the stash!