Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Christmas craft show

I participated in a wonderful Christmas Craft Show today in Oakville. It was my third consecutive year at this show. It seems that the crowds get bigger and better every year. I was selling my polymer clay jewellery and dog tags. Yes, dog tags are something else I create. When you are the owner of an amazing English Bulldog you tend to put dogs and everything about them in the forefront! I even baked a bunch of fresh, healthy dog cookies to sell at the show and i will admit that they were a big hit.

I wanted to introduce my Remembrance Vessels to the community today but since it was a Christmas show I kept it low key. I had an empty decorated vessel on display with some info explaining just what they were. I figured if anyone was interested they'd let me know. Boy was I surprised at the interest.

I heard so many stories about people and they're loved ones. It was very touching to hear people speak with such love and longing in their voices about someone that had been dear to them so many years ago.

I also heard some not so wonderful stories about where people actually kept the cremains of their departed loved ones. I was told about one elderly woman that just kept her husband's cremains in a flower pot and used this as a door stop. All this because she just didn't know what else to do with them!

Do you have a story about what someone is or better yet isn't doing with the ashes of a loved one? I for one would like to help them to do something more creative, and better yet more respectful with them. I know this lack of respect isn't intentional. They just don't know that they have other options.

I hope to be able to help many people come up with a more respectful solution. I just know that they will feel so much better when they do.