Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cremation Jewellery

I am a jewellery designer that works with polymer clay. I have just recently started a new line of jewellery that I am calling "Cremation Jewellery".

Yes, it is just as it sounds. I am taking the cremains of people's loved ones and using them in one of a kind jewellery pieces.

The tradition of keepsake jewellery goes back to the Middle Ages when rememberance jewellery was created by encasing a lock of hair in gold, silver or any other precious metal.
These days more and more people are choosing to remember their pets long after they ‘re gone, after all, pets are our loved ones too.

At first I thought that I would only be using the cremains of people's pets but then a wonderful lady that I know asked if I would use the ashes of her dear mother in a necklace. I loved the idea. What a great way to keep the spirit of a loved one so close.